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The Life of Product Manager and Lifestyle Blogger Cori Shearer


Cori is a Product Manager at Shazam, and an inspiring lifestyle blogger at night. When I found out she only lived 10 minutes away in San Francisco, we immediately grabbed coffee on a lovely Friday afternoon and chatted work, fashion, and life.

Hi Cori! Please introduce yourself!

I’m a Product Manager at Shazam by day, and a lifestyle blogger at night. (For those who don’t know, Shazam is the media discovery app that’s most popularly known for allowing you to identify a song from a short snippet from your phone.) At Shazam, I work at the intersection of music and tech to build products that are accessible and scalable. I blog to document my journey as a woman working in tech.

Super cool that you get to work at Shazam. What is a normal day like for you as a Product Manager at Shazam?

My everyday looks very different. As a Product Manager, I’m always working on a bunch of different projects with many cross-functional teams (engineering, design, partnerships, and etc.)  to build and ship products. Some days we’re running A/B tests - for example, if we change the color of a screen, will engagement improve? Some days I might be working on localization projects where we make sure Shazam works internationally in different languages, not just in English. Most recently, I worked on different Shazam integrations with Samsung TV to ensure a seamless second screen experience.

Working outside in Castro District, SF. Photo credit: Julia O Test

Why did you choose to work at Shazam? Have you always had a love for music?

I’ve always loved music. I used to play 4 different instruments - violin, choir, and even went to a performing arts high school where I performed and danced in musicals.

I saw that there was a space that needed to be filled for women of color and being female in tech. The mission of my blog is to really bridge the digital divide and make technology accessible.

After I got slightly injured in high school and wasn’t able to pursue dance as much, I decided to try something new and check out hackathons. I ended up falling in love with problem solving in a different way and getting a degree in Management Information Systems. I was able to intern at Pandora in college too, so Shazam seemed like a really natural fit to stay in the music industry when the opportunity came up.

I love that you made time to blog at night. What inspired you to start blogging?

For me, I saw that there was a space that needed to be filled for women of color bloggers and being female in tech. My mission at work and through my blog is to really bridge the digital divide and make technology accessible, not just in terms of usability but also the way we talk about technology.

Being able to have that space for women in technology is what initially drew me into blogging and is so important to me. Blogging is an outlet for me to be creative, write, and take photos.

Picture by Andrew Ho

Let’s chat fashion! I love your outfits on Instagram - how would you describe your style?

My style is always evolving. Growing up I was such a tomboy, but over the years, I've been interested in pieces that fit well and are made well. I try to shop ethically, and tend to stick to a pretty neutral color palette with a pop of color here and there.

What inspires your style?

My style is inspired by what people wear everyday on the street. I especially love being inspired by colors and museums; travel exposes me to different cultures and styles. Shazam’s headquarters are in London, so I’m lucky to be able to travel to Europe a few times a year.

You mentioned you’ve been increasingly interested in shopping ethically. What attracts you to ethical fashion?

As someone who works in tech, I want to build products that help people. The same goes for shopping - being able to have the privilege of knowing how the things I own affect the planet and if they’re made ethically I hope makes an impact.