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Interview with Stockholm Style Blogger, Emmi Snicker


Here at And Comfort, we take inspiration from Scandinavia’s minimalist style and design when creating our pieces. We recently went on a trip to Stockholm, and had a chance to catch up with sustainable style blogger, Emmi Snicker. We met over fika (coffee) on a lovely Sunday afternoon, and chatted with her about what keeps her inspired throughout her personal style journey.

Please introduce yourself!

I’m Emmi Snicker, a 26 year old style blogger living in Stockholm, Sweden. On my blog, I write mainly about my two big passions in life - fashion with a Scandinavian, sustainable twist and organic beauty. I also study Business Economics and do marketing for a few beauty companies on the side.

What’s a typical weekend in Stockholm like for you?

I love to take walks in the city. On a normal weekend, I’ll walk around Gamla Stan, the older part of Stockholm, because I love the medieval aesthetic of the area. Then in the afternoon, I usually grab fika (coffee) with a friend.

Tell me a little more about fika! I've noticed coffee culture is very popular in Sweden. Where are some of your favorite places to grab fika?

Fika is a concept in Swedish culture that means to have coffee and tea with a pastry or cookie. It’s been ingrained in our culture for years - it's a time to take a break, sit down, and talk about everything and nothing in life. Some of my favorite spots are Gretas, Wienercaféet, and Rosendahls Trädgård.

Let’s talk fashion! You have an incredible sense of style. Tell me more about your personal style. What is Scandinavian style?

With the whole fashion industry moving so quickly, I find it confusing and difficult to keep up with trends and maintain a consistent style. I love Scandinavian style because I am drawn to classic, timeless pieces that make it easy to have a sense of style and are comfortable too.

Seek inspiration and think about what speaks true to your own sense of style.

Scandinavian style is so easy and simple - it’s a lot of basic colors (black, grays, beige, browns, white, navy), and you can incorporate these classic pieces and style them differently no matter what the trends are. It’s really the philosophy of “less is more” - more simple, high-quality things in your wardrobe.

Coat from Castaluna

Can you talk a little more about your style journey? How did you go about finding your style?

Sure! It’s been a slow process, but about a year ago, I became interested in minimal, sustainable fashion.

The first step I took was to declutter my wardrobe - I went through all my clothes and eliminated anything (and I mean really anything) I didn’t need. Second, I spent a while collecting inspiration on Pinterest, other influencers, and creating inspirational boards for myself to figure out what patterns, colors, and silhouettes I liked. 

After narrowing down what looks I wanted, I pinned down specific pieces in my closet that I needed to buy - for example, a classic basic wardrobe for me included a black blazer, white shirt, pencil skirt, and jeans. Now, I’m very intentional and careful about setting up my basic wardrobe with clothes I love and know will work.

What advice do you have for someone who’s looking to find their own personal style?

Seek inspiration and think about what speaks true to your own sense of style. I used to look at outfits with super high heels, but in reality, I never had the opportunity to wear high-heels in an everyday situation. I realized I enjoyed being comfortable and was really just looking at the wrong inspiration that wasn’t “me”.

Coat from Swedish brand Rodebjer

What is your favorite piece in your closet?

I’m absolutely in love with a black coat I bought a few months ago (pictured above)! It fits great and looks so classic - I know I will have it for many years to come.

Where do you find your fashion inspiration? Who inspires you?  

I love Elin Kling (the founder of Toteme), Scandinavian stylist Pernille Teisbaek, and Scandinavian style blogger Lisa Olssons. They all look really put together, kind of a Parisian, minimalist chic but less bold.