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Fit Q+A with Bea, our Size 4 Fit Model


One of the most important parts of designing our initial collection was making sure we gathered fit feedback across our entire size range. We’ve noticed that people have had a few questions about our fit, so we asked our wonderful size 4 fit model and model, Bea, to write up fit feedback on some of the pieces. Please reach out to us if you have any more questions about fit - hope this helps! 

Bea’s Measurements:

-- Size: Typically wears a 4X, or size 26-28

-- Height: 6’0

-- Bust: 56”

-- Hip: 67”

Apron Dress

Bea in The Apron Dress, Size 4 

Bea: "Their black dress is what I dream of when it’s sticky-hot out and I have to run errands in the sun. It looks simple and elegant on and it’s a beautiful flowy cut that doesn’t squeeze at all - just something you can put on and go about your day while looking like your life has regular midday wine breaks. It's this midi-range and you toss it on and it just feels so good. I don't always want to feel gender performy and dresses that let your body exist and shape how it wants are my jam.

And yes, it's super comfy and has pockets -- what I love about fitting with them is I showed them how I put it on and they saw how it would snag or be difficult for a bigger body to accommodate etc. They made adjustments to the dress and the pockets hit more comfortably now and don't pucker out. <3 (listen...i'm proud of that, hahaha. years of miserable fatshion adventures have turned me cranky). " 

The Tunic Shirt in Sakura

Bea in The Tunic Shirt in Sakura, Size 4

Bea: "The first piece I wore from And Comfort was the tunic, and was immediately pleased with how it worked with my curves -- there was no over exaggeration of my shape, and no squeezing-and-stuffing. It’s a thin, yet structured material that has the slightest amount of stretch to follow your body as it moves. The blush color is subtle yet totally upgrades a basic that’s typically white or black.

I'm 6' and my hip measurement is ~67". Can we take a moment to cheer for buttons that *STAY* buttoned and flat?! A new world is upon us. 😂"

The Cloud Tee in Black

Bea in The Cloud Tee in Black, Size 4

Bea: "I fit a couple iterations of the tee shirt sample, and have been really happy watching it evolve. The fabric is very airy and breathable and the neckline is at a midpoint between boatneck and crewneck, balancing between easy casual and more upscale. The sleeves aren't constrictive and the top of the chest doesn't bag -- this shirt is cut with actual body *shapes* in mind. I've only fit the sample which hits slightly short on my 6' figure, but even with it this length I'd wear it tucked into skirts for an effortless, survive-the-sweaty-summer business casual aesthetic."


Unfortunately we didn't have the skirt for Bea to try-on and review, but we really hope this helps. If you have any further questions, please don't hesistate to reach out to